I don’t care if you’re my family or not. I’m not fucking letting this stupidity and ignorance slide. Fuck that shit.

You not only shit all over that girls hard work, you continued to talk about it after she politely asked you to stop. Instead of letting her have her moment, you couldn’t help but announce your opinion. She didn’t say anything offensive about fat people, in fact it had nothing to do with fat people at all. It didn’t concern you. She feels healthier because of her weight loss, she’s within her rights to share that. Her own personal experience is pretty fucking valid. She probably said it because (shock horror) losing weight actually does benefit your health. Not everything is done to shame you, sometimes it’s not about you at all. It’s a hard concept to grasp, I know. 
Someone that was 300lbs is going to feel worlds better at 150 lbs. Weight isn’t just a number (
contrary to what you may believe). It does indicate health, maybe not within 5-15 lbs but 30-100 lbs will definitely make a difference to how someone psychically feels.

The real benefactors of keeping people obese are big food corporations and pharmaceutical companies. They rather you keep eating their processed shit, get sick and then spend a fortune trying to fix it. The diet industries are only exploiting people who want a quick fix.

Yes, crash dieting and fad diets fail. It’s common knowledge that eating healthy and exercising is what works in the long term. Fat acceptance is like a bunch of addicts coming together and enabling each other. There are countless studies that proves fat equals unhealthy. Just because it’s not the outcome you want, doesn’t make it wrong. It also doesn’t mean that it’s been funded by the evil diet companies. Believe it or not there are a lot of studies done because obesity (and it’s illnesses) are becoming more prevalent in our society. It is a problem. People are dying before the age of 40 purely because of their weight. It’s not a joke. It’s not about how ~shallow we’ve become as a society and challenging peoples ideals~. People are developing serious conditions. Yet you rather cover your ears and spread a load of misinformed crap.

Why am I not surprised OP is fatanarchy.  UGH

What a bitch. Like, way to shit over someone else’s accomplishments. I hope OP loses weight and looks amazing and fatanarchy can stew in her own bullshit
-mod D

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