Anonymous said: what's the deal weight for a girl that's 5'2?


I’m guessing you meant ideal?

Well I can’t really say, it depends on your frame and muscle mass. Some women at your height look naturally good at 90 lbs, others at 130 lbs. Use BMI as a vague indicator, like just because your BMI is in the “overweight” region, it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. You might have a lot of muscle, you might have a larger frame. So you shouldn’t worry about that. I would schedule a consultation with your doctor and talk about it.

All you can make sure of is that you’re eating healthily and getting in some physical activity :)

from my personal!

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Anonymous said: Okay, the latest post on TiTP is about a "small fat" who is LITERALLY 5'4" AND 112 POUNDS. That's a BMI of 19.2. She talks about "thin privilege" being about your boyfriend not calling you fat and having an anxiety attack about it, and she is on the smaller side of the "healthy" range. I'm wondering if it was a troll trying to see what is allowed to slip by, or if they even realize that the whole post is a thin person saying something that happened to them doesn't happen to thin people.

I wish people would stop sending them fake submissions. It’s one of the reasons we don’t try to critique as much anymore.

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Anonymous said: The submission about the teacher who comes back from China just seems like a really stupid thing to be offended by. If she posted something about how she had complications with her diabetes along with her selfie, it's bad that her friend commented that way, but if it was just a selfie and she obviously lost weight, is it such a bad thing to have commented on it?

Not to mention that type 1.5 diabeeetus sufferers aren’t overweight. And something else they said that made me go ‘er no,’

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paper gowns


Thin privilege is being able to fit into those paper gowns at a doctor’s office. My doctor herself is incredible, a wonderful person who has never questioned my weight (other than an initial “You’re over the weight the chart says is healthy, but it’s not affecting your health at all. If you have any questions about weight just ask”). However, when going to her recently for a physical and pap smear, I couldn’t cover myself with the paper gown I was given. It left my back and butt exposed, and the plastic tie that was supposed to keep it closed couldn’t even reach around me. I’m so glad I’m comfortable with my doctor because I can’t imagine having half of myself exposed in a medical situation if I wasn’t. Physicals are stressful enough.

God forbid you’d be exposing your back and butt to a stranger who is about to poke around your vagina. 

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Anonymous said: Yes, people who are overweight get teased. But so do people with acne, tall people, and uneducated people. It starts with thin privilege, what's next? Short privilege? Smart privilege? Being teased does not equal oppression.

short privilege 
smart privilege 

Basically, you can type in “any” privilege into google and find a Tumblr for it, whether it’s satire or serious. 

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Anonymous said: Being thin isn't a privilege. Like wtf that doesn't even make sense. You can lose weight. I'm thin because I have a chronic pain disorder and that is most certainly not a privilege. All these people saying otherwise need to get their head out of their ass, stop complaining, and actually do something to improve their self image rather than blame others. Wow.

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nicolelovesit said: That story about the "small fat" person who was 5'2 and over 300 lbs appears to be removed from titp. Maybe THEY even realized that was too far fetched and was probably a troll...? Let's hope so, anyways....

Anonymous said: That latest TITP submission about the EDNOS is so ridiculous: " I waited and waited for someone to tell me, hey, you look fine, you should stop losing weight or you’ll end up hurting yourself". So it's not ok to be worried about someone's health when they are obese because that's apparently "healthist" and "concern trolling"...but if a TITP member loses weight, THEN they're ok with people telling them that they're unhealthy and too thin? Double standard, much?

That’s TITP logic for you. -Mod L

kitsunehotaru said: For the tonsils story, I can understand being underweight from being sick all the time. When I was 16, I weighed around 85 pounds at 5 feet tall because of getting my tonsils removed but I gained weight once I was healed from that. Now I sit around 115-120, at 23 years old. I can see how being underweight happened, but I can't see the overweight aspect honestly

Speaking for myself, I never said I couldn’t see the underweight aspect. I fully acknowledged it in the ask. What I thought was far-fetched were the OPs claims that people were being contradictory (asking them to eat more, but when they were, it was “too much”). Like, no, you were underweight so people wanted you to eat a little more. Once you were overweight, they wanted you to eat a little less. Seems logical to me, but to OP? Not so much.

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(submitted by anon)

When I was little, my sister and I were underweight because we were constantly sick, though just with a cold or strep or ear infection, since we had such large tonsils. Food tends to taste funny when you’re sick, so we didn’t eat very much, either. After we got our tonsils…

No. If this far-fetched story is even true, it sounds like the extremes were happening. At different points in time, you weren’t eating enough or eating too much, both of which caused you to be at an artificial weight. Stop pretending like people wanted you to starve when you know darn well they just wanted you to eat a healthy amount, whether than was when you were underweight or over.

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